Culture Club

  • Choozit Alp D

    Choozit Alp D is a medium to fast acidifying culture suitable for the production of semi hard and hard cheeses. It contains a mix of mesophilic and thermophilic acidifying strains. The addition of Lb. helviticus and Lb. lactis strains, gives higher proteolytic activity, and a pleasant aroma and flavour. Choozit Alp D, can be used in conjunction with the propionic culture Choozit Eyes, in the production of large eyed cheeses such as Emmental.

  • YO-MIX 495 LYO

    YO-MIX 495 LYO is a fast acidifying yoghurt culture that gives a mild tasting thick and creamy yoghurt with low post acidification. Due to the EPS (exopolysaccharide producing strains) present in the mix, it produces a nice thick bodied yoghurt and reduces the need for additional supplementation with high levels of milk solids.

    This culture is available in a 100 DCU sachet, and within our single dose range as OVY495 in 100 and 400 litre doses.