What is the difference between dose and DCU?

DCU stands for Danisco Culture Unit, this is used mainly for acid producing cultures that are packed on activity.  For cultures that are used for ripening in the cheese, these are packed by dose depending on the CFU (Colony Forming Units) as per the relevant specification.

 Which cultures are best suited for each cheese type?

Search under Cultures for cheese for the category of cheese you are seeking to make.  Each of these contains example cheeses and within these is our recommendation of which cultures can be used to achieve a cheese of that type. There are also other products you typically require in the process to make that cheese, such as coagulant, wax, or reagents.

 What further technical documentation is available for the products I buy?

On request, we can issue documents such as full specifications, accreditation certificates, MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets), Technical Memorandae (covering topics such as suitability of ingredients for certain diets; transportation details; common problems in production).  Certificates of Conformity are supplied with every delivery.  Certificates of Analysis can be supplied upon request.

 What is bacteriophage, also known as phage?

Bacteriophage are viruses that attack starter cultures and can result in a slow or dead vat. Each bacteriophage will only attack certain strains of lactic acid bacteria. If the same culture is used every day, the bacteriophage levels can increase and may produce slow vats. It is good practice to rotate between two or more cultures on a per vat, daily or weekly basis to reduce the risk of bacteriophage attack.

 What paperwork will I receive with my order?

Certificate of conformity and delivery note.  These form part of the same document.

If required, the C of A will be a separate document.

For customers paying by credit card, an invoice will be sent as the credit card payment clears. A delivery note will be included in your package.

For credit account customers, an invoice will be sent separately, by post or email, according to the information we hold for you.  A delivery note will be included in your package.


 How are the deliveries temperature controlled?

All chilled products will be delivered by courier at ambient.  We know that the materials supplied will survive up to 2 days at ambient but must be placed in to chill (below 4°C) upon receipt.

All frozen products will be delivered by courier with freezer packs or, with larger orders, in dry ice.

 How do I place an order?

We can accept orders through this website.  Find the culture or other product via the alphabetical list, or through the cheese or yogurt type you would like to make.
We can take orders of over £100 (before delivery and VAT) over the phone, 01584 707012

 What is the minimum order value?

On this website you can place an order of value £50, before delivery and VAT.  For orders placed over the phone or by fax, the minimum value is £100 before delivery and VAT.

 Where can I buy smaller quantities of products?

Take a look at our Domestic and Artisan Range. For smaller quantities still, we recommend Goat Nutrition and Moorlands Cheese Makers.  Lakeland has a range of cheese making supplies.