Small scale cheese and yoghurt making

Small scale cheese and yoghurt making continue to grow in popularity. For farmers and smallholders looking to diversify, OVDS provides a range of smaller volume packs and products for domestic use or for the artisan to use in a commercial setting. The cheese or yoghurt can be made from bought milk, soy milk or from a farmer or smallholder’s own unpasteurised milk from cows, sheep or goats.

We are conscious of the smaller vat sizes used and so these packs and products have been developed to eliminate the issue of having to buy oversized amounts, with the incumbent challenges of handling and storage. The “single shot” cultures, for example, can be used in as little as 75 litres of milk.  The three most popular single dose (for 100 litres or 400 litres) cultures are given on this page, with the others to be found alongside the regular sized sachets either in the alphabetical array, or by target cheese or yoghurt type.