Cheese Waxes and Coatings

Benefits of cheese wax include:

  • Prevention of moisture loss from the cheese surface (therefore no weight loss)
  • Protection against damage during transit
  • Enhances product appearance – being used for colour coding of different cheese types – and allows for more eye-catching branding
  • Protection of the cheese by sealing air and mould spores out
  • Stop further aerobic ripening of the cheese

Different cheese wax colours

You can obtain a wide range of cheese wax colours from us and many of these colours have pigments traditionally used for specific hard cheese varieties. For instance, yellow wax is frequently used for Gouda, whilst Edam cheese often uses red wax.

Cheese waxes are generally applied by single or double dipping.

Coatings are used by cheese makers to give an attractive presentation to the cheese while sealing in flavour and aroma.  They prevent the drying of the cheese and preserve it from external contaminating agents, such as cheese mites.  They are generally thinner than waxes and can be applied by a number of methods: brush, spray, dipping.

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