Cultures for Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese can be plain, creamy, with chives or with pineapple.  In terms of starter cultures, we would recommend the MA range of cultures.

MA Acidifying Mesophilic cultures

Freeze-dried culture for the direct inoculation of milk, MA mesophilic cultures contain acidifying strains making them suitable for a range of cheese types and other fermented dairy products.

MA 4001/2 also contain flavour and gas producing strains and are phage alternatives of one another.

MA11/14/16/19 are phage alternatives.

Name Info Pack Size Price Min Order Quantity
MA 11 LYO More info125 DCU£16.97-
MA 14 LYO More info50 DCU£15.531
MA 14 LYO More info125 DCU£16.97-
MA 16 LYO More info125 DCU£16.97-
OV16 LYO single dose (from MA16) More info100 litre dose£6.7910
OV16 LYO single dose (from MA16) More info400 litre dose£10.2510
MA 19 LYO More info125 DCU£16.97-
MA 4001 LYO More info5 DCU£8.13-
MA 4001 LYO More info25 DCU£22.56-
MA 4002 LYO More info5 DCU£8.13-
MA 4002 LYO More info25 DCU£22.56-