Cultures for Tilsit

Tilsit is a light yellow semi hard smear-ripened cheese. A typical recipe would use MM or Probat cultures with the addition of Brevibacterium linens.


MM Acidifying

The MM range contains mesophilic cultures with the addition of a diacetyl producing strain to give extra aroma and flavour. Suitable for a wide range of soft cheese types and fermented dairy products.  MM cultures are part of the Choozit range from DuPont – Danisco.

MM 100 and 101 are bacteriophage alternatives.

Name Info Pack Size Price Min Order Quantity
MM 100 LYO More info125 DCU£16.92-
MM 100 LYO More info50 DCU£14.35-
OV100 LYO single dose (from MM100) More info100 litre dose£6.3910
OV100 LYO single dose (from MM100) More info400 litre dose£9.6310
MM 101 LYO More info50 DCU£14.35-
MM 101 LYO More info125 DCU£16.92-
OV101 LYO single dose (from MM101) More info100 litre dose£6.3910
OV101 LYO single dose (from MM101) More info400 litre dose£9.6310