Set yogurt

Set yogurt is the oldest form of yoghurt production, and refers to a method whereby yoghurt is fermented in its final pack format and transported in these same pots to the point of consumption. It therefore has a set lumpy texture, as it has undergone no mechanical smoothing post fermentation. YO-MIX® 200 series is recommended for the production of set yoghurt.

Yogurt cultures for yogurt making - YO-MIX®

The YO-MIX® 100 group of yogurt cultures contains multiple lactic acid bacteria. The distinguishing feature here is that all cultures in this group contain Lactobacillus lactis. This group is suitable for mild or drinking yogurts.

The YO-MIX® 200 group of cultures is another multiple species group, with the distinguishing feature that these all contain Bifidbacterium lactis and Lactobacillus lactis, making them suitable for content claim labelling. Generally speaking all of the cultures in the 200 group are suitable for stirred, set or drinking yogurt.

The YO-MIX® 300 group of cultures is designed for the production of  low viscosity fermented products such as drinking yogurts where mildness is a key distinguishing characteristic.

YO-MIX® 400 group is the sister group to the 300 series in that its key feature is mildness. However it is designed for use where high thickness is required, which makes it suitable for thick stirred and set yogurt production.

The YO-MIX® 600 group is a traditional group of cultures that have that characteristic traditional highly flavoured sharpness, so are suited to all non-mild tasting yogurt and fermented products. This group is also referred to as the “Real strong” cultures because of their strong taste. These give medium thickness.

Name Info Pack Size Price Min Order Quantity
OVY205 LYO single dose (from YO-MIX 205) More info400 litre dose£11.8210
OVY205 LYO single dose (from YO-MIX 205) More info100 litre dose£7.3310
YoMix 205 LYO More info250 DCU£29.65-
YoMix 215 LYO More info100 DCU£22.16-
OVY401 LYO single dose (from YO-MIX 401) More info100 litre dose£6.6910
OVY401 LYO single dose (from YO-MIX 401) More info400 litre dose£11.8210