Martin Gaylard is a well-known figure in the dairy industry, having spent time at Cornish Country Larder, latterly Arla, before setting up Curds and Croust in 2016.  He’s known of Orchard Valley Dairy Supplies for many years, and has turned to our business for support and supplies over that period.

During his time at Arla, Martin worked with OVDS to develop multiple-culture single shots, prepared by OVDS in their bio secure dispensary.  Martin’s objective was to automate the cheese making process and remove potential human error.  The convenience and accuracy of dosing enabled staff of all levels to make the culture additions with assurity and overall reduce headcount.

After Martin had set up his Curds and Croust business he commented that “The birth of Curds and Croust would not have happened without the support from Orchard Valley Dairy Supplies.  During the recipe development phase they were generous with their expertise, advice and culture samples and I’m really grateful for their support.”

In terms of ordering from OVDS, Martin highlighted that he appreciates the concise information on delivery due dates and that the packaging of the despatches is always correct.  He noted that technical support on an ongoing basis is important to him and that the technical sales team are accessible and responsive.

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